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In Treatment, In Houston, In the Storm

Description of my personal experience with my husband's long-term hospitalization including time spent as inpatient during Hurricane Harvey and what it was like to be a family member during that time; drawing on my experience with public health preparedness for disaster situations.

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Fired By My Patients

I am 58 and a new 2-Yr. RN, I am a soft spoken, rule following, dutiful person & RN. I always inquire about my patients stay in the hospital but tend not to pry beyond that.

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National Nephrology Nurses Week 2017

It's National Nephrology Nurses Week. Do you know what nephrology nurses do? Have you ever considered joining their ranks?

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That's not a bad nurse

I have friends that are not in healthcare that believe if a nurse has to poke you for an IV start more than once... they are a bad nurse.

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Enhance Your Professional Development by Advancing Your Education

In the healthcare field, the desire to learn is a crucial attribute of an up-to-date healthcare provider. With change occurring regularly in this line of work, it is imperative that nurses stay abreast of recent advances.

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Socially needy coworkers

We have a newer coworker at one of my jobs. She seems to be universally annoying everyone there. She seems to want to intrude in every conversation with over sharing about her own life.

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