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Not a Near Death Experience: A Shared Death Experience

Despite the fact that I'm a skeptical person, I had a supernatural and profound experience with death. Not a near death; a shared death. Let me tell you what happened.

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X-ploring your X-Factor

So what is your X factor? People who have “it” have something called magnetism - a combination of personal qualities such as: a sociable personality; self-confidence; charm; inner peace; comfort with one’s self; rebelliousness; obvious intellect; a unique viewpoint; intensity or focus; authority; or sense of humor.

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Realign, Reframe and Rediscover Your Joy Being a Nurse

Has your career evolved keeping up with the person you have become today? Our lives change over time and if our work isn’t evolving with us, we’re out of sync.

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Living Better with Hospice

“I am having a good day today!” My patient’s greeting was a warm welcome as we started our visit. She was on the front porch, in her wheelchair, oxygen tubing snaking discretely behind her, the compressor’s noise muffled and distant.

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Confessions of an Introvert

Some people think you have to be an extrovert to be a nurse. But here's my point of view: and it's one of a nurse introvert.

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Holy Moly I'm a nurse! Orientation wk.1 ep. 109

Orientation for my first RN job! Wow.....I am sooo looking forward to this. All week, all day, just learning about my new role....let me share.

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