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Bloodletting: *Is This Archaic Practice Still Being Used?

Examining the current practice of therapeutic phlebotomy. All you need to know as a healthcare provider... no leeches necessary!

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Top 10 Tips For New Travel Nurses

I've been traveling with my wife Sarah who is also a nurse. We've worked in four states, multiple assignments, and have been traveling together for a year and a half. These are my top 10 tips I'd recommend to a new travel nurse getting into this specialty.

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Reported to the BON

Wanted to post this, as a way to share my story, and help another practitioner avoid what I've gone through over the past few months. Many of you out there are probably too smart to land where I did, but then again, many out there who are new or who are cruising along just not thinking about it may benefit from my advice.

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Workplace Harassment forced me to resign

I have just resigned from my job. I lost a pension, matched 401K, my health benefits, top pay hands down and a job I love, well used to love anyway.

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Choice, Pathology, and the Disease Model of Addiction

Let us begin by considering two scenarios. The first is a middle-aged woman who, despite never smoking a single cigarette in her life, has recently struggled with shortness of breath and blood-tinged sputum.

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Please take care of your little one rant

I sent a kindergartner home yesterday who's lungs sounded like bagpipes with how much she was wheezing. It took 3 hours for someone to actually answer the phone and get her.

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