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The Nurse at the Bedside

I’m the nurse at the bedside. You might see me as an underachiever, someone who didn’t have what it takes. . .

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Hear Me Roar : Women And Nursing

The female dominated profession...how many times has nursing been describe as such? This article discusses one perspective on nursing, a gendered occupation.

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NTI 2017 is Just Around the Corner

Join us in Houston, May 22-25, 2017, for the National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition (NTI) and the Advanced Practice Institute. The premier conference for high-acuity and critical care nurses, NTI is the most valuable conference you will attend this year.

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Would you call an ambulance?

Scenario: First grader lower function ASD student found during snack time by his one on one with two over the counter pain meds in his snack bag. No acute distress. Would you call an ambulance immediately?

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Need Help Memorizing Heart Sounds?

This is the first in a series of Heart Sound videos to help you learn basic heart anatomy, blood flow through the heart, and how to remember the names for the valves by using memory tricks and mnemonics.

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Innovator Susan Scherer - Advocating For Patient Care a New Approach

Let me introduce you to an amazing woman who took a wealth of nursing knowledge and experience, the love of patient care, and an entrepreneurial mind and spirit and created a one of a kind approach to nursing care for cancer patients

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Licensing Tips for Brand New Travel Nurses

One of the hardest parts of being a brand new travel nurse is understanding state licensing. Here we review the compact states license and some common questions for new travel nurses.

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Questioning a doctors order

Let me begin by stating, I am a new nurse. Been on my own for 3 months now, so I am still learning. However, I was just curious how many nurses out there have been told by management or supervisors that we should not question a doctors orders?

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