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Is this a possible case of age discrimination?

I am a 53 year old newly licensed LPN and had a tough time finding a job. My classmates are younger and pretty much all of them got hired within two weeks of passing the NCLEX.

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When she spoke

This is a personal story of a little girl that came into my life with selective mutism as a symptom of a greater issue. It speaks to her story and mine as well as information on mutism in children.

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NTI 2017 is Just Around the Corner

Join us in Houston, May 22-25, 2017, for the National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition (NTI) and the Advanced Practice Institute. The premier conference for high-acuity and critical care nurses, NTI is the most valuable conference you will attend this year.

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Anatomy of a Code: A Guide for Nurses Working in Adult Non-Critical Care Units

This is a summary of information for the nursing student, new nurse, or experienced nurse of nursing interventions during a cardiac arrest. It is not an all inclusive guideline of ACLS. It is meant to be a quick summary to ease anxiety related to cardiac arrest.

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Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 2 - First Week of Classes

Grad school is a big investment of time and money, as well as mentally, physically and emotionally taxing. Take a look at what happened during my first week as an FNP student

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Wrote an incident report on a co-worker

So the story is I received report in the morning about a patient I had given to the night shift nurse the night before.

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Tips for Memorizing Pharmacology - Antidysrhythmics

Are you a nurse or student who is having a hard time remembering pharmacology? In this video I will share some helpful study hacks and memorization tricks related to Cardiac Antidysrhythmics.

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5 Weird Questions Patients have asked me during my career as an OB Nurse

As a nurse, we are born into this weird sense of humor, I have come to notice. There are strange questions we receive as nurses, about nursing, about our patient’s diagnosis, or just flat out weird, annoying questions.

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