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Suspended for a Medication Error

I was a new nurse, and before I had even gotten my feet underneath me, I lost my footing and fell hard.

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Is the Baby Boomer Generation not going to get good care?

You know, when all these Baby Boomer aged health care professionals finally retire, do you believe the next generations will be enough, to 'care' for the Baby Boomers, such a huge generation of people?

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Earn an RN to BS Streamlined for Working Nurses

Prepare for the next level of nursing while staying focused on your career. Get all the benefits of learning at a school recognized by the Nursing Schools Almanac as one of the top of its kind—in a fast and flexible format. Enroll in a CCNE-accredited program fully online and you can finish in only one year for an affordable cost—around $15,000. With six starts per year, the leadership role you want could be only two semesters away.

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Mnemonic for Care of Eating Disorders: WHATS UP DOC

When providing quality care for patients with eating disorders, the mnemonic WHATS UP DOC can help nurses at all levels of proficiency remember that there are multiple psychosocial factors and emotional subtleties involved.

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How to Not Die in the Hospital

Medical errors are a leading cause of death for patients in hospitals. The better informed you are, the higher are your chances of avoiding harm.

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FNPs don't let me down!!! Where's the Money?

My question is...WHAT THE HECK ARE THE FNPs DOING?! I've seen a couple of them that do well, but, seriously! Are there any FNPs out there that make >$150k?

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To Tell or Not To Tell

I work in private duty nursing. I met a nurse this morning at my current assignment who just stopped working an assignment I had also previously worked on before this current one.

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2017 Nursing Salary Survey – FINAL DAY!

As nurses, we know how valuable we are to the healthcare system as a whole. We also know that we are respected by the public. Nurses have consistently ranked in the top position of the Gallup poll with Americans rating nurses as having the highest honesty and ethical standards. How do our salaries compare with the overall respect and importance placed on our jobs?

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Unit Manager - RN, FL
  Utilization Manager, Nurse Case Manager, CA
  Nurse Registrar, MD
Therapist-Respiratory, IN
Nurse, Director, AZ

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