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June 24-30 Hottest Topics

How do you leave it at work?

I'm a new nurse and I had a really bad day a bit ago with a patient who I had to call our rapid response team for and he ended up in the ICU (I have no idea other than that, HIPAA and all) and a small part of me wants to know how he is doing.
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Need Career Advice? Ask Nurse Beth!

Your career is your lifeblood and while career changes can be frustrating and complicated, they don't have to be. Ask a real nurse with real experience answering career-related questions. Ask Nurse Beth!
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To Colonoscopy or Not to Colonoscopy

There are several medical tests recommended for both men and women on a regular basis to maintain optimum health. Starting as toddlers, we should get our teeth examined and cleaned annually, and as we grow, so does the list of check ups.
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Reality Check

If there is one thing that I have learned in five years of nursing, it’s that nursing isn’t always philosophical and amazing. I can’t always see life lessons or the bigger picture. Sometimes, what I see in my day is so sad and stressful and terrible, I can’t see ever wanting to go back to work.
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What would you do in this situation? (If you know it all ;) )

A pt comes into the ER C/O SOB, well known to you as a drug abusing CHF pt with very poor coping skills, on very high doses of home Lasix. States she is out of Lasix. Lower extremities with 4 plus pitting edema, crackles in lungs, sats in low to mid 90s, RR 24.
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Emotional Empathy: I Carry You With Me

Emotional empathy of nurses is both our greatest strength and weakness. It can be hard to clock out and forget the burdens our patients and their families must carry. It is even harder to forget when you see them up close and personal in unexpected places...outside the hospital walls.
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Advance your career today!

Nurses are always in demand but many specialties require an advanced education. allnurses has compiled information from some of the top online learning institutions so that you can prepare for that next step in your career path.
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Reasons patients turn on their call light

I had a very enjoyable night two nights ago, because for the first time in my nursing history I had a patient who literally turned their call light on every 2-5 minutes.
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