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May 6-12 Hottest Topics

Oldest Practicing Nurse in US Turns 90!!

Do you remember how old you were when you first said that you wanted to be a nurse? For some it is more years than you might want to say. But, there is one nurse who is still running circles around others...... at 90!! She holds the record at being the oldest practicing nurse in the US. Read her inspiring story.
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Top States and Hospitals for Nursing Jobs

Recent information has been made available for nurses to utilize in finding the best states for nursing jobs. Going even further, a list of the top hospitals is accessible at our fingertips. If you are in nursing school, a recent graduate, or just looking for the best place to work, here is some information and links to help you in your search.
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Do patients know a "good nurse"?

I am not sure if patients, in general (the average patient), really knows who a good nurse is. I once worked with a very charming woman who was slow and couldn't seem to do much more than get her meds out.
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Is it really worth it... So Miserable!! So Insecure!!

So I am at the point now that I almost wish I never went into nursing. I will start with the fact that I had a fairly successful career in finance... but really disliked what I did.
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Why You Need an Elevator Speech

Sometimes an opportunity comes your way, maybe an introduction to someone who could help you land the job you want. Not being prepared with an elevator speech can mean a lost opportunity. Here's how to be ready.
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Code Blue: Where Do I Stand?

Code Blue. Alarms ringing. Hands shaking. Adrenaline pumping. Head spinning and reeling. Floor nurses, CNAs and others run and land in one room. A small, cramped room. Eyes lock for a mere second. Code cart arrives...What’s next?
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How many jobs/units until you found your "niche"

I noticed there are many many nurses in this forum. This can be fun or not but I wanted to know how many jobs/units did you endure before you found your "niche" and what unit.
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[Toon] Fashionably Late for Work

We've all done it. Oversleep for work and then make a mad dash to get ready. There have been studies made about this. One study stated that at least 20% of Americans are habitually late.
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