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Self-Care for Nurses during the Holidays

Nurses face challenges year round, but we all know the extra stresses that the holidays bring with all the special preparations and activities. With many nurses working stressful jobs having to deal with the health challenges of others as well as their own personal stresses and hectic schedules, the added demands of the holidays can lead to emotional and physical exhaustion.
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The Importance of the Need for Early Vascular Access identification

Approximately two years ago my role as a Hematology/Oncology RN changed to that of a Vascular Access Specialist at a children’s hospital in Florida. This new and exciting journey has brought much growth, not only personally, as I have taken on the challenge of learning a whole new set of skills, including ultrasound for peripherally inserted central catheters or as it is commonly referred to PICC placement. Previously, I viewed central lines as a tool to obtain labs and give medications, including chemotherapy.
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Just a Cog

Recently, the department I work for at my hospital received a significant national award for excellent patient outcomes. The email was sent out to the entire hospital announcing that we had received this award. The director of patient care replied all saying what wonderful medical care the physicians have provided to get us to this point.
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A Word to New Nurses

Entering the nursing field as a new nurse can be an intimidating experience to say the least. The same trepidation can ring true for an experienced nurse changing his or her specialty. Adapting these suggestions into your daily routine will help you transition into your new job or specialty and make you a valuable member of your team.
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What school nurses REALLY do

In response to this comment from a previous thread: "Can you tell us what you actually do in detail? That would actually be a more interesting read." Give out Bandaids and ice packs, that's it. Just kidding! Although that's what the majority of the general public thinks we do. What school nurses do varies from school to school, depending on student populations, state laws or district policies, etc.
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I HATE bedside nursing

Ok maybe I just don't care for it too much, but I feel like Im suffocating. I have been in this position for about 10 months now and I cant wait to hit the year mark so I can get out! I feel I might not be cut out for it in the long term because there is just way too much dramatization on insignificant things that add stress to my life which is unnecessary.
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[Toon] Negotiating the Holiday Off

Holidays off ... what's that? Nurses getting holidays off is not the norm. We work in all types of inclement weather, during disasters, and holidays. Just because the Post Office and Banks are closed doesn't mean we can take off. How do you ask for a holiday off? Is it like pulling teeth and just as painful?
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